ZTE Demonstrates a 5G AI Conductor Array at 2020 CIFTIS

zte 5g AI

ZTE Corporation has demonstrated a 5G AI conductor array at 2020 China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS). It uses the 5G+MEC+AI technology to enable the command of the mechanical arrays to allow every person to be a music conductor.

In this demonstration, ZTE has deployed:

  • LED screen
  • Fan-shaped mechanical array

It is the 5G robot orchestra, in front of the conductor. With the help of AI recognition, the robots can automatically identify the gestures of the conductor. ZTE’s 5G AI conductor array can identify human intentions to enable mechanical arrays to perform under the command of the conductor. By deploying AI smart identification system and music playback system, ZTE has provided the audience a unique experience of conducting a 5G robot orchestra.

During the conducting, HD cameras take photos of the conductor and send them to the back-end MEC edge cloud server through 5G network.

ZTE has provided the AI system with high-speed computing and software deployment capabilities with MEC edge cloud server.

ZTE further aims to explore the applications of the 5G+MEC+AI technology and facilitate advanced applications in various sectors.

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