ZEISS introduces VISU360 Platform for Remote Eyecare Services


The new digital platform ZEISS VISU360 connects all eye care professionals with their patients via remote access. It will enable detailed and high-quality eye examinations remotely in a confidential and medically approved way. ZEISS’s tele-optometry service helps to optimize scheduling and provide medical assistance to patients whenever and wherever it is needed.

The new, innovative ZEISS VISU360 platform networks all diagnostic information from devices and eye examinations, from retina screening to consultation and medical prescription. This reduces data entering time, minimizes sources of mistakes and increases workflow efficiency.

Now new technologies are increasingly influencing the healthcare market. ZEISS VISU360 gave the opportunity to experts to set up a virtual practice or network of providers to meet the growing demand. It will allow a detailed eye examination even from a distance. For this purpose, the ZEISS hardware enables remote-controlled measurements during the entire examination. After the check-up is completed, the documents are digitally signed, and patient data is stored in an electronic health record.

This platform facilitates the workflow specially in the current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic. Direct contact between patients and eye care professionals is reduced by ZEISS VISU360. This results in increased safety during the entire customer journey, as the health of all involved parties is paramount.

In the future, the digital application aims to reduce the location gap between healthcare professionals and their patients. At the same time, these patients receive high-quality ophthalmic care, even if they do not live near a specialist or cannot be on site during regular business hours. Remote examinations can become an integral part of eye care, especially in rural or urban areas where specialists are either far away or overbooked.

ZEISS VISU360 is currently available in the United States, South Africa, Hong Kong and Singapore. The launch in further markets globally will follow sequentially.

You can read more details here.

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