Xiaomi Unveils 3rd Generation Under Display Camera Technology

xiaomi under display camera

Xiaomi is about to start mass production of smartphones with the 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera. Xiaomi’s high-end product always comes with its technological advancements. After the launch of the first 120W graphene battery on Mi 10 Ultra, Xiaomi introduced another amazing technology, the 3rd Generation Under-screen Camera Technology. This technology is able to perfectly hide the front camera under the phone’s screen without effecting the edge-to-edge display.

From the first generation of the technology, Xiaomi never stopped exploring under-screen cameras. In the third-generation of this Technology, Xiaomi has improved the full-screen effect through self-developed pixel arrangement and camera algorithm optimization that allows it to show the same performance as conventional front cameras.

xiaomi under display camera

The self-developed pixel arrangement used in this technology allows the screen to pass light through the gap of ​​sub-pixels. Compare to other solutions in market, Xiaomi has doubled the number of horizontal and vertical pixels, to achieve same pixel density.

Xiaomi’s 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera used a special circuit to hide components under the RGB sub-pixels to increase the light transfer to the under-screen camera area.

The latest generation of under-display camera technology brings the ultimate full-screen form factor into reality. Xiaomi aims to bring the 3rd Generation Under Display Camera technology next year to the mass market.

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