Xiaomi Introduces Groundbreaking UWB Technology

xiaomi UWB Technology

Xiaomi introduced the ground-breaking ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This technology will enable smartphone to perceive signals from smart devices in its surroundings and control smart devices.

To achieve this, Xiaomi customized the Mi 10 series and some smart home devices by including a built-in UWB chipset and antennas while using the specialized antenna layout and algorithms developed by Xiaomi.

Ultra-wideband (UWB) is the new generation of connection technology with ultra-precise positioning. A smartphone supporting Xiaomi’s UWB technology can locate smart devices with centimeter-grade precision. Xiaomi’s UWB boasts a 500Mhz ultra-wide bandwidth to send information and improve positioning accuracy.

Xiaomi UWB technology also comes with excellent security performance with its ultra-wideband and narrow pulse characteristics.

Xiaomi Mi 10 Series and certain smart home appliances are embedded with UWB technology, pioneering the “Point to connect” interaction. Once you point your smartphone towards smart device, you can control it, as they will connect automatically, whether you want to switch on the TV,  turn on the light, everything is just one tap away.

Soon, we may even be able to get rid of the “tap” for completely hands-free interaction. For instance, when someone get close to the car door, his phone in his pocket will sense that and automatically unlock your car. Phone can also help you pay on the subway or a bus, all while not leaving your pocket. These scenarios could be possible with wider popularization of Xiaomi’s UWB technology.

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