Sony Electronics to Launch Playstation 5 in November 2020

playstation 5

Sony announced launch date and price details its next-generation videogame system, PlayStation 5. PS5 will launch on 12th November in U.S., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and South Korea and the global rollout will continue November 19.

The PS5 Digital Edition will be available for price of $399.99 / ¥39,980 / €399.99. PS5 with an Ultra HD Blu-ray™ disc drive will be available for price of $499.99 / ¥49,980 / €499.99.

Both Playstation 5 models use custom processor with integrated CPU and GPU for up to 4K graphics and ultra-high-speed SSD with integrated I/O. Both PS5 models also offer the DualSense wireless controller and 3D audio capabilities, so players will enjoy the same gameplay experiences on both PS5.

Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said, “Since we first announced our next generation console last year, we have received astounding support from developers and gaming fans all around the world, and it’s truly humbling. Now we are just a couple of months away from launching PS5, which will offer a new generation of experiences that go beyond players’ expectations of how games can look, feel, sound, and play. We can’t wait for our fans to experience for themselves the incredible speed, the heightened immersion and the breathtaking games on PS5 when we launch this November”.

PlayStation5 Specifications

CPUx86-64-AMD Ryzen™ “Zen 2”
8 Cores / 16 Threads
Variable frequency, up to 3.5 GHz
GPUAMD Radeon™ RDNA 2-based graphics engine
Ray Tracing Acceleration
Variable frequency, up to 2.23 GHz (10.3 TFLOPS)
System MemoryGDDR6 16GB
448GB/s Bandwidth
5.5GB/s Read Bandwidth (Raw)
Optical DriveUltra HD Blu-ray (66G/100G) ~10xCAV BD-ROM (25G/50G) ~8xCAV BD-R/RE (25G/50G) ~8xCAV DVD ~3.2xCLV
PS5 Game DiscUltra HD Blu-ray, up to 100GB/disc
Video OutHDMI™ OUT port Support of 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs, VRR (specified by HDMI ver.2.1)
Audio“Tempest” 3D AudioTech
DimensionsPS5: Approx. 390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth) (excludes largest projection, excludes Base) PS5 Digital Edition: Approx. 390mm x 92mm x 260mm (width x height x depth) (excludes largest projection, excludes Base)
WeightPS5: 4.5kg PS5 Digital Edition: 3.9kg
PowerPS5: 350W PS5 Digital Edition: 340W
Input/OutputUSB Type-A port (Hi-Speed USB) USB Type-A port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps) x2 USB Type-C® port (Super-Speed USB 10Gbps)
NetworkingEthernet (10BASE-T, 100BASE-TX, 1000BASE-T) IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac/ax Bluetooth® 5.1

You can read more details here.

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