SK Telecom Begins Operating Mixed Reality Jump Studio

sk telecom mixed reality

SK Telecom announced it has started Asia’s first Mixed Reality Capture Studio using  Microsoft’s technology named Jump Studio.

According to the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information and Korea Creative Content Agency, the global market can reach KRW 2.101 trillion by 2022 for mixed reality.

Jump Studio offers the industry’s most advanced media technologies using:

  • Microsoft’s volumetric video capture technology to create holographic videos.
  • SK Telecom’s “T Real Platform”, built with spatial recognition and rendering technologies.
  • 106 cameras that shoot at 60 FPS to create high-quality 360-degree 3D holograms.

This technology automates the existing 3D modeling and animation process through:

  • Artificial intelligence (AI).
  • 3D processing.
  • Rendering technologies.

JumpStudio can compress 600 GB of raw footage into a 300 MB file. They can then stream the file to mobile devices as an MPEG-4 file.

By Microsoft’s volumetric technology, Jump Studio has fully automated the process to create real-looking holographic humans. 3D holograms can be used in different areas, such as doctors can use holograms of patients to study the most effective treatment.

Steve Sullivan, General Manager, Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture Studios said, “We are thrilled to partner with SK Telecom and their newly-created Jump Studio, the first studio in Asia to license our volumetric video technology.” He added, “The Jump Studio team has impressed us with their knowledge and passion in this space, and combined with the reach and resources of SK Telecom, we believe they’ll have a huge impact in Korea and beyond.”

The company plans to further enhance the content of its media services, including Jump AR and Jump VR, SK Telecom’s immersive service platforms.

Jeon Jin-soo is the Vice President and Head of 5GX Service Business Group of SK Telecom. He said, “Our goal is to shape Jump Studio into the leading content creator hub in Asia.”

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