Samsung Aiming for 600MP Camera Sensor


The human eyes match a resolution of around 500 megapixels (MP). This resolution is way more than many DSLR cameras and smartphones offering today.

Balancing pixels that a sensor can have and pixels’ sizes requires solid technological prowess. Samsung has been managing to balance in their image sensors. In May 2019, it announced the industry’s first 64MP sensor, and six months later, they brought 108MP sensors to the market.

In this scenario Samsung aims to introduce camera sensor which is comparable to the human eye.

Official Samsung blog said, “Through relentless innovation, we are determined to open up endless possibilities in pixel technologies. That might even deliver image sensors that can capture more detail than the human eye.”

In 2019, Samsung was also the first to introduce image sensors based on 0.7μm pixels. Before this the industry had considered 0.8μm as the smallest possible size pixels.

Samsung further said in a blog that they are also working to develop sensors that can register smells or tastes. They said, Sensors that even go beyond human senses will soon become an integral part of our daily lives. And we are excited by the potential such sensors have to make the invisible visible and help people by going beyond what our own senses are capable of.”

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