Philips to Help Update the CT Scanners for the Hospitals

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Kadir Yildiz, system engineer at Philips Refurbished Systems, together with his colleagues works in a factory producing CT scanners among other things that allow hospitals to capture images of people’s lungs.

In an interview Kadir Yildiz said, “There’s a large mobile tent in the parking lot of the OLVG hospital in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Inside the tent, there’s a CT scanner that allows doctors to quickly take pictures of a people’s lungs to help determine whether or not they have coronavirus.

We’re taking back old CT scanners that hospitals have been using for nine, ten years. We give the system a hardware and software update so the scanners work like new, and then send them back to the hospital. That’s the work of me and my colleagues. I’m quite proud of that. We’ve worked very hard, all of us.”

He said, “Normally, we need about six weeks for one scanner. Now only two. We all feel there’s a rush. Nevertheless, we work no less stringently, but focus on the software and not on the outside of the machines. Whether there’s a scratch on one of these scanners isn’t important now. Making sure that the hospitals get the equipment they need, that’s what it’s all about.”

Kadir Yildiz said that he now works more than his usual work because this is the demand of the current situation. He further said he does what he has to do and what he can do and he is proud that they can now help care a bit.

He said that he doesn’t like the interviews and stuff, but now he sees that it is important that they can continue working and He would like to help right now.

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