Philips Telehealth Solution Supporting Self-isolation for Covid-19 Patients

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Philips telehealth solution is already helping healthcare systems globally. It helps cope with the large amount of self-isolating Covid-19 patients requiring medical advice and assistance. Also, it helps hospitals to optimize the use of resources to deal with the pandemic.

West Moreton Health and Health Service

 West Moreton Health and Health Service, in Australia, are deploying some of these telehealth solutions.

Philips remote patient monitoring platform enables the MeCare Virtual Hospital program to support Covid-19 patients in the West Moreton community.

Covid-19 patients with moderate symptoms are provided with tablets and health devices. It helps them measure their temperature, blood pressure, and oxygen levels. And respond to regular health surveys to track their health progress. Philips remote patient monitoring platform provides support to those patients who need less supervision on their mobile devices.

West Moreton Health’s Community and Rural Services executive director Melinda Parcell said, “West Moreton Health has expanded its hospital capacity as part of its response to the Covid-19 outbreak. But, we have also considered how we can use existing technology and innovation to provide safe care within the community setting. It means people can receive the care they need in the comfort of their own homes. And we are also eliminating the risk of transmission in the hospital setting, where other vulnerable people may be receiving care.”

Melinda Parcell added that the MeCare model of care is used for those patients who are having mild symptoms of Covid-19.

  Philips also announced a remote screening and monitoring solution for Covid-19 lower-risk patients. It can reduce the number of unnecessary visits to hospitals.

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