Panasonic Announces UBMC, A Cloud-based Battery Management Service

panasonic ubmc

Panasonic announced a new, cloud-based battery management service, known as the UBMC (Universal Battery Management Cloud) service, utilizing AI-based technology. The technology can find out the state of various types of batteries installed in electric vehicles in real time.

Panasonic leveraging its expertise together with AI- and cloud-based technologies, to develop the UBMC service. The service can learn and analyze operating state, enabling real-time monitoring and visualization of the batteries. This service will free operators from battery-based issues and contribute to a society in which individuals can use e-mobility vehicles with peace of mind.

The features of the UBMC service are as below:

  • Accurate estimation of battery state to prevent sudden power outages: Panasonic has developed an entirely new AI-based estimation technology which uses a battery log collected on the cloud as machine learning data. This has enabled the creation of a highly accurate SOC estimation model for a range of different batteries.
  • Remote monitoring for optimal battery operation: UBMC application programming interface (API) ensures that the battery state of all electric vehicles can be seen remotely in real time.
  • Updatable functions for new mobility experiences: Based on accurate estimation of battery state, map-based information enables users to ascertain the distance they can travel from their current location based on their remaining charge. The service can also suggest routes with the most convenient charging points or battery replacement locations based on the user’s destination and transit points.

Panasonic’s new service has been adopted in the new GFR-02 and LOM models from glafit inc., a manufacturer of electric bikes and scooters. From December 2020, Panasonic will provide regular Over-the-Air distribution for the latest battery packs with SOC estimation functions and API services. Inside each of the battery packs is a battery management unit (BMU) that is compatible with the UBMC service. Data communication between the battery pack and the cloud will be facilitated by a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module within the bike or scooter and an app installed on the user’s smartphone.

Panasonic aims to continuously enhance and provide solutions that increase value for users of e-mobility vehicles, as well as solutions that help to solve operational issues for e-mobility companies.

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