Mobileye Collaborating with Industry Leaders To Develop AV Shuttles

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Mobileye (an Intel Company), Transdev Autonomous Transport System (ATS), a part of Transdev Group dedicated to autonomous mobility solutions; and Lohr Group, a mobility solutions manufacturer, are collaborating to develop and deploy autonomous shuttles. The companies are integrating Mobileye’s self-driving system into the i-Cristal electric shuttle and plans to integrate it into public transportation services across the globe.

Johann Jungwirth, vice president of Mobility-as-a-Service at Mobileye said, “Our collaboration with Transdev ATS and Lohr Group serves to grow Mobileye’s global footprint as the autonomous vehicle (AV) technology partner of choice for pioneers in the transportation industry”.

By this collaboration, the companies aim to improve the efficiency and convenience of mass transportation solutions. Autonomous mobility can be used in transportation networks to distribute service when and where it is needed, optimize the fleets, lowering transportation costs and improving customer experiences.

Over the next year, Mobileye will work with Transdev ATS and Lohr Group to integrate and deploy i-Cristal autonomous shuttles leveraging Mobileye’s AV technology, Transdev ATS’s technology and Lohr Group’s industrial expertise. The three companies will initially test vehicles on roadways in France and Israel.

The companies expect to deploy the self-driving i-Cristal shuttles in public transportation networks by 2023.

Mobileye’s self-driving system delivers safety via two core concepts:

  • Mobileye’s formal Responsibility-Sensitive Safety model for the safety of the system’s decision-making
  • a perception system featuring True Redundancy™ whereby cameras and radars+lidars combine to enable robust perception.

Mobileye’s technology helps keep people safer on the road, reduces the risks of traffic accidents, saves lives and aims to revolutionize the driving experience by enabling autonomous driving.

You can read more details here.

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