LG Innotek Announces The Smallest BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) Module

LG Innotek ble

LG Innotek announced that it has developed the world’s smallest Bluetooth module. LG Innotek’s “Bluetooth low energy (BLE) module for IoT” is a key component to enable data communications for IoT devices. With its low power consumption feature, the module is used for IoT devices that require limited power supply, such as wearable devices.

LG Innotek’s module is the smallest in the world. This module 75% of the previous model with 6mm (width) x 4mm (height). More than 20 components including ICs (communications chips), resistors, and inductors, are housed in this single grain-sized product. LG Innotek’s differentiated radio frequency (RF) signal design technology minimized component space to remove signal interference.

The IoT products featuring LG Innotek BLE module are small but give excellent communication performance. With differentiated RF signal design and antenna technology and ultra-precision circuit technology, component space is reduced, and the data transmission distance is increased.

By applying LG Innotek’s BLE module, IoT device manufacturers can design products in compact size because LG Innotek minimized the module size and mounting space.

LG Innotek’s BLE module allows device control even if there is an obstacle between the user’s smartphone and the IoT device because the 30% increased communication performance of the module as compared to existing products. For this LG Innotek applied its proprietary “integrated antenna” technology. The antenna was designed to maximizing the antenna area and improving communication performance.

LG Innotek plans to dominate the IoT communication module market based on its technology and business capabilities. According to Techno System Research (TSR), a global market research company, the global BLE demand is expected to grow from 980 million units in 2020 to 1.749 billion units.

Now the market has higher expectations for the size and performance of communication modules. Therefore, industry is paying close attention to LG Innotek’s BLE module.

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