LG and Net-A-Porter Launch A New Clothing Collection

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LG Electronics is joining hands with NET-A-PORTER, a leading fashion retailer, to offer a limited-edition clothing made from high-quality, natural materials that last for years. The capsule collections will be part of the NET SUSTAIN platform that is designed to help consumers live more sustainably and reduce the global problem of fashion waste, which costs around USD 400 billion a year.

The initiative is part of LG’s #CareForWhatYouWear campaign to reduce its global carbon footprint in order to ensure a better tomorrow. LG’s campaign invites consumers to help combat clothing waste by reducing fabric damage and highlights the environmental benefits of buying durable, eco-friendly clothes and passing on unwanted item to those who will wear and appreciate them. LG and NET-A-PORTER teamed up with three brands: Mara Hoffman, Le Kasha and Bondi Born, to create fashion using 100% long-lasting machine washable materials for easy management without dry cleaning.

Last year, LG announced its Zero Carbon initiative, to achieve net-zero carbon emissions from its global operations by 2030. And when it comes to clothing care solutions, LG knows about laundry efficiency and fabric care.

Dan Song, president of LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company said, “As a world leader in wardrobe care solutions we feel we have a responsibility when it comes to environmental sustainability and partnering with NET-A-PORTER raises our credibility exponentially. Through innovative products and initiatives LG is demonstrating its deep commitment to making the world a better place and ensuring that life’s good now and long into the future”.

You can read more details here.

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