Hyundai Unveils TIGER, An Uncrewed Ultimate Mobility Vehicle Concept

Hyundai tiger

Hyundai Motor Group has revealed TIGER (Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot), the company’s first uncrewed Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV). The TIGER is designed to carry various types of payload while traveling over challenging terrain.

TIGER is being developed by Hyundai Motor Group’s New Horizons Studio, headquartered in Mountain View, California. Dr. John Suh, Head of New Horizons Studio said, “Vehicles like TIGER, and the technologies underpinning it, give us an opportunity to push our imaginations. We are constantly looking at ways to rethink vehicle design and development and re-define the future of transportation and mobility”.

TIGER is designed to work as mobile scientific exploration platform in extreme, remote locations. Its features include a leg and wheel locomotion system, 360-degree directional control, and a range of sensors for remote observation. It is also intended to connect to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), which can charge and deliver TIGER to inaccessible locations.

TIGER can also carry goods for delivery or be deployed to deliver aid packages in emergency situations. Leg-wheel articulation enables TIGER to keep payloads more level than a typical ground vehicle. TIGER can drive like an all-wheel drive vehicle and is in its most efficient mode, but when the vehicle gets stuck or needs to travel over terrain then it uses its walking ability to easily travel over that terrain. This feature previously seen in Elevate, Hyundai Motor Group’s first-ever UMV concept with moveable legs, which debuted at the 2019 Consumer Electronic Show (CES).

The first version of TIGER is X-1 (the X stands for experimental). The project is being led by Hyundai Motor Group’s New Horizons Studio, with Autodesk, a leading engineering design software company.

Srinath Jonnalagadda, Vice President of Business Strategy for Design and Manufacturing at Autodesk said, “Working closely with the team at Hyundai on the TIGER X-1 vehicle, using advanced technology such as generative design to push the boundaries of increasing strength while reducing weight in transportation, is exactly what we mean when we talk about creating the new possible”.

TIGER X-1 combines the Autodesk’s generative design capabilities with Hyundai’s growing R&D capabilities in mobility. The teams have been working together to create a lightweight but incredibly strong structure, with the legs and certain chassis elements.

Using a combination of robotics and wheeled locomotion technology, Elevate, TIGER and other vehicles by New Horizons Studio are expected to redefine vehicular mobility.

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