Huawei Releases Full-Stack Ascend AI Software

huawei ai software

Huawei released the full stack Ascend AI software setting a new milestone to bring AI to reality. The release includes:

  • Compute Architecture for Neural Networks (CANN) 3.0
  • MindStudio full-pipeline development toolchain
  • MindX for Ascend application enablement

The software will cover a basic software development to deploying AI in real world.

Tony Xu, President of Huawei Ascend Computing Business describes that the goal of this release is to deliver AI computing power of the ultimate accessibility, ease of use, and performance.

CANN 3.0

Basic architecture connects hardware and software that is crucial for unlocking AI computing power. Huawei released CANN 1.0 in 2018 now CANN 3.0 shows an upgrade to a unified computing architecture. It supports backward compatibility.

CANN 3.0 releases the performance of AI hardware by using competitive features that include:

  • high-performance algorithm library
  • In-depth graph optimization
  • Automatic graph splitting and fusion
  • Intelligent optimization of data pipelines

MindStudio 2.0

MindStudio 2.0 is developed to facilitate:

  • End to end development
  • Covering operator development
  • Model training
  • Inference
  • Application development
  • Application deployment

Developers no longer need to perform all operations on different tools with unprecedented ease in AI development.

It also provides an Ascend training acceleration tool, which uses Less BN algorithm to intelligently identify unnecessary BN operators and a random freezing algorithm.


huawei Full-Stack Ascend ai software

Huawei also released MindX 1.0, which features 2+1+X to for convergence of AI and industries.

  • 2 indicates the MindX DL deep learning platform and MindX Edge intelligent edge platform
  • 1 indicates the ModelZoo pre-trained model library
  • X indicates the software development kits (SDKs) for various industries.

MindX DL focuses on unified management and scheduling of data center devices and computing resources.

The MindX Edge can deploy edge-cloud collaborative inference services on various devices at one click.

Dr. Wu Jiayun, Head of Vision Lab in Huawei’s Industrial Automation Lab said, “AI has been applied on a large scale to workstations, production lines, and workshops in Huawei’s factories.”

Huawei is working with partners to build a vibrant Ascend computing ecosystem.

You can read more details here.

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