HP Launches “Turn to Learn” Program To Support Schools and Students

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HP has announced HP Turn to Learn program.  This program will deliver educational content from leading scientific, publishing, and media companies to support teachers and students in the current situation of the pandemic. For this, HP is partnering with TIME for Kids, Britannica, and NASA, which will provide critical educational resources.

Enrique Lores, HP President and CEO, said, “A student’s right to education should not be contingent on where they live or their family’s income. We must find creative new ways for teachers and students to connect from a distance, because while this pandemic is creating hardship for so many around the world right now, we cannot afford to let it hold back the generation that will shape our future.”

Besides HP Turn to Learn, HP also announced school district donations, partnerships, and new blended learning programs globally to respond to COVID-19.

HP’s goal is to enable better learning outcomes for 100 million people by 2025 through global educational programs as teachers, kids, and families experience a greater need for educational content.

HP has supported TIME for Kids to ensure textbooks, workbooks, and other paper-based assignments will immediately get into the hands of students.

The program will ensure that K-Grade 3 students have access to TIME for Kids, Britannica, and NASA for the rest of the school year.

HP took many initiatives for education:

  • In China, HP and Rise English have jointly built a home education ecosystem to create a platform that converts online education content into paper for children’s learning.
  • HP announced the launch of the BeOnline program, to bring together partners and resources for remote and distance learning.
  • HP India has partnered with Gamooz Interactive Solutions Pvt. Ltd. to provide access to educational content to its customers, from worksheets to 2D Augmented Reality content.

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