Hitachi Develops IoT Platform for High Value-added Buildings

hitachi iot platform

Hitachi announced its IoT platform developed for high added value buildings required for the new normal, including high efficiency of building management. Hitachi will launch the IoT platform in 2020 as a new Lumada solution in the field of buildings, in Japan.

Hitachi’s IoT platform is developed using Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365. Hitachi will also deepen its Collaborative Creation with Microsoft Japan under its new partnership system, the Lumada Alliance Program to develop solutions in the field of buildings.

In April 2020 Hitachi and Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd. started working for touchless solutions that enable building users to move and live without touching in buildings and have been gradually expanding these lineup to stop the spread of Covid-19. Hitachi has also developed a service platform for developers, which provides office workers the new experience of working and living using a smartphone app.

Hitachi and Microsoft are strengthening their cooperation in many industrial fields. Now, Hitachi has developed the IoT platform for buildings as the new Lumada solution, by utilizing Azure, Dynamics 365, and other technologies.

Shinya Mitsudomi, President of Hitachi Building Systems Co., Ltd. said, “The newly developed IoT platform for buildings is a next-generation solution for buildings that realizes new and efficient operation managements for building equipment, and comfortable life in the buildings. I believe this platform contributes significantly to the customers that progress development of smart buildings and smart cities utilizing digital technologies. Hitachi developed this platform through the Collaborative Creation with Microsoft Japan”.

Hitoshi Yoshida, President of Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. said, “We heartily welcome Hitachi’s provision of its IoT platform for buildings, which utilizes Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Dynamics 365, to the Japanese market as part of our strategic alliance. Microsoft Azure provides AI and IoT technologies that drive the digital transformation of customers, and it continues to grow as a global platform. Hitachi is actively developing smart building solutions for the new normal”.

IoT Platform for Buildings features:

  • Improved Building Management Efficiency
  • Improved Building Users’ Comfort
  • Improved the Quality of Building Operations with better management
  • Enable to Expand Services Easily by Open API

With this move, Hitachi has continued to enhance its digital solutions in the field of buildings, to meet the needs of the new normal.

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